Danos family


This is a thank you to the many kind and thoughtful American people who welcomed my parents, Kathy and Eric Danos, and my brother Peter and myself to the United States following the crushing defeat of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. In early December, we went by train and bus and eventually at night on foot, with no luggage, across the border to Austria.
–The thank yous start with the Hungarian soldier, who risked his life to guide us across frozen farm fields and coordinated with border patrol to lead us to safety in Austria,
–The Red Cross and the Austrian people who cared for us during our stay in that country,
–Continued with the U.S. Army Band that played for us as we boarded the U.S.S. General Eltinge, a WWII army transport ship for our journey through the English Channel and across the Atlantic Ocean,
–The TV journalist who asked my mother what our hopes and dreams were and then said she would make them come true,
–The Council of Churches in Milford, CT, who sponsored our family and guided us through the early months (Rev. Jack Russell meets us at Camp Kilmer in New Jersey),
–The CPA who volunteered to teach my father American accounting practices,
–The small business owner who hired my mother to work in his office in spite of the fact that her English was not perfect,
–The teachers who spent time working with my brother and me,
–And there were so many, many more. Thank you to all.

This story was told by Esther D Wahlberg

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